CityPay LocationAddressLocation Type
BillingsEZ Money1518 1st Ave N Suite 2Pay Location
BillingsEZ Money Check Cashing2499 King Ave W Suite 1Pay Location
BillingsAlbertsons #381212 Grand AvePay Location
BillingsAlbertsons #47511 CentralPay Location
BillingsAlbertsons #6302334 Central AvePay Location
BillingsAlbertsons #1227670 MainPay Location
BillingsAlbertsons #4025611 N 27th StPay Location
BillingsAlbertsons #40413137 Grand AvePay Location
BillingsMontana-Dakota Utilities Office5181 Southgate DriveDrop Box
CulbertsonMontana-Dakota Utilities Office18 W 1st StDrop Box
FairviewFirst Security Bank216 S Ellery AveDrop Box
ForsythFirst State Bank880 Main StDrop Box
GlasgowAlbertsons #4012620 1st Ave NPay Location
GlasgowValley Bank110 S 5th StDrop Box
GlasgowMontana-Dakota Utilities Office330 3rd Ave SDrop Box
GlendiveAlbertsons #4023307 N HarmonPay Location
GlendiveMontana-Dakota Utilities Office2001 N MerrillDrop Box
HardinBig Horn901 N CenterPay Location
LaurelReese & Rays IGA Plus205 1st Ave SPay Location
LaurelTA #26111360 S Frontage RdPay Location
MaltaAlbertsons #201330 South 3rd St EastPay Location
MaltaFirst Security Bank130 1st St SEDrop Box
MaltaMontana-Dakota Utilities Office65 SE 3rd StDrop Box
Miles CityAlbertsons #39519 S HaynesPay Location
Miles CityMontana-Dakota Utilities Office814 BridgeDrop Box
PlentywoodRocky Mountain Bank115 E 1st AveDrop Box
PlentywoodMontana-Dakota Utilities Office119 W Southern AveDrop Box
PoplarIndependent Bank214 W 2nd AveDrop Box
RicheyStockman BankRailroad & MainDrop Box
ScobeyIndependence Bank204 Main StDrop Box
TerryStockman Bank117 W Logan AveDrop Box
WibauxStockman Bank120 S WibauxDrop Box
Wolf PointAlbertsons #15415 Blaine StPay Location
Wolf PointMontana-Dakota Utilities Office226 Benton StDrop Box
CityPay LocationAddressLocation Type
AshleyFormer Montana-Dakota Utilities Office113 1/2 1st Ave NWDrop Box
BeachBank of the West115 S CentralDrop Box
BeachFirst State Bank123 SE 1st AveDrop Box
BelfieldGreat Plains Bank201 N MainDrop Box
BelfieldBelfield City Hall107 NE 2nd AveDrop Box
BismarckDan's Supermarket #31253101 N 11th StDrop Box/Pay Location
BismarckDan's Supermarket South835 S Washington StDrop Box/Pay Location
BismarckDan's Supermarket1190 W Turnpike AveDrop Box/Pay Location
BismarckDan's Supermarket #143103 Yorktown DrDrop Box/Pay Location
BismarckDan's Supermarket1190 W Turnpike AveDrop Box/Pay Location
BismarckState Capitol BuildingEast Rear Lobby EntranceDrop Box
BismarckBismarck Water Department (drive up)601 S 26th StDrop Box
BismarckSenior Center315 N 20th StDrop Box
BismarckMDU General Office Lobby400 N 4th St (M-F 8am - 5pm)Drop Box
BowmanMontana-Dakota Utilities Office17 E Divide AveDrop Box
CarringtonMontana-Dakota Utilities Office950 N 1stDrop Box
CavalierWarehouse Foods501 W MainDrop Box
CenterCity Office -- Center Civic Center312 Lincoln AveDrop Box
CrosbyEckness Super Valu211 S Main StDrop Box
Devils LakeLeevers County Market323 5th Ave NEDrop Box
DickinsonFamily Fare302 1St St EPay Location
DickinsonFamily Fare1283 Roughrider BlvdPay Location
DickinsonCity Hall99 2nd St EDrop Box
DickinsonMontana-Dakota Utilities Office1133 W Broadway AveDrop Box
EllendaleEllendale Pharmacy117 Main StDrop Box
GarrisonGarrison Super ValuHighway 37 SEDrop Box
GraftonHugo's #10155 E 12th StPay Location
HazeltonHazelton Bank363 Main StDrop Box
HazenKrause's Super Valu1221 W Main StDrop Box
JamestownHugo's Supermarket #9310 First Ave SPay Location - Cash only
KilldeerMontana-Dakota Utilities Office98 N Central AveDrop Box
LangdonMontana-Dakota Utilities Office301 N 9th AveDrop Box
LincolnCity Office Building (east side)68 Santee RdDrop Box
LintonFormer Montana-Dakota Utilities Office200 S Broadway AveDrop Box
MandanDan's Supermarket500 SE Burlington StDrop Box/Pay Location
MinotE-Z Money1545 S BroadwayPay Location
MinotMarketplace Foods1930 S BroadwayDrop Box
MinotMontana-Dakota Utilities Office1130 20th Ave SWDrop Box
MinotMarketplace Foods1024 24th Ave SEDrop Box
MinotMarketplace Foods1620 S BroadwayDrop Box
MinotMarketplace Foods1600 2nd Ave SWDrop Box
MohallMohall Super Valu107 N Central AveDrop Box
MottMott City Hall202 E 3rd StDrop Box
NapoleonWeigal's Hardware302 Main StDrop Box
New EnglandMontana-Dakota Utilities Office115 N 9th StDrop Box
New RockfordMontana-Dakota Utilities Shop123 N 7th StDrop Box
NoonanB&B HardwareMain StDrop Box
Park RiverJim's Super Value101 3rd St WDrop Box
RayFirst National BankMini MallDrop Box
RichardtonBremer Bank128 N B StDrop Box
SherwoodSherwood Paying & Receiving244 Main StDrop Box
SteeleFormer Montana-Dakota Utilities Office322 E BroadwayDrop Box
TiogaMontana-Dakota Utilities Office101 S Main StDrop Box
UnderwoodCity Hall88 Lincoln AveDrop Box
Valley CityMontana-Dakota Utilities Office345 NE 2nd StDrop Box
WalhallaJerry's Super Valu1107 Central AveDrop Box
Watford CityMontana-Dakota Utilities Office107 SW 10th StDrop Box
WillistonAlbertson's20 E 26th StPay Location
WillistonAmerican State Bank North2523 2nd Ave WDrop Box
WillistonEconoMart316 W 11th StDrop Box
WillistonMontana-Dakota Utilities Office121 8th Ave WDrop Box
WishekFormer Montana-Dakota Utilities Office18 N 5th StDrop Box
CityPay LocationAddressLocation Type
LeadLynn's Dakota Mart145 Glendale DrivePay Location
Rapid CityFamily Fare Center #32531516 E. Saint Patrick StPay Location
Rapid CityFamily Fare Center #3265751 Mountain View RdPay Location
Rapid CitySafeway #1554730 Mountain View RdPay Location
SpearfishSafeway #05831606 North AvePay Location
SturgisLynn's Dakota Mart1111 Lazelle StPay Location
EurekaKen's Food Fair702 H AveDrop Box
GettysburgVilas Pharmacy103 Commercial AveDrop Box
LemmonGeo's Corner417 Main StDrop Box
MobridgeMontana-Dakota Utilities Office401 Main StDrop Box
Rapid CityMontana-Dakota Utilities Office718 Steele AveDrop Box
CityPay LocationAddressLocation Type
SheridanE-Z Cash2240 Coffeen Ave Ste DPay Location
DaytonCorner Grocery Store415 Main StDrop Box
SheridanMontana-Dakota Utilities Office2324 Dry Ranch RdDrop Box


Montana-Dakota Utilities payments are accepted at Convenience Pay and Quick Collect locations