UPDATE 3:00 p.m. - Our field service personnel have visited and restored natural gas service to affected homes and business where they were able to gain access. If you were a customer affected by the Tioga gas outage and received a notification on your door or are still without natural gas service, please call customer service at 800-638-3278 to arrange for a technician to return to your home. As a reminder, we will need someone over the age of 18 to allow access to both the meter and the natural gas appliances to restore service and perform our safety check.

UPDATE 9:00 a.m. -
 Our field service personnel have completed more than half of the relights and continue their efforts to restore service to customers affected. Technicians are going door-to-door and will need access inside your home. In the event you have missed the technician, notification will be left on your door advising you to contact customer service. 

UPDATE 1:00 a.m. - 
Field service personnel are now going door-to-door performing relights throughout all of Tioga. As a reminder, our technicians will need access inside your home to restore service and relight the natural gas appliances. If you are not home, the technician will leave instructions on your door to call Customer Service and arrange for service to be restored when someone over the age of 18 will be home to provide access. It is not necessary to call Customer Service unless you have missed the technician and received notification on your door. Otherwise, crews will continue to work their assigned areas until all service has been restored.

UPDATE 11:45 p.m
. - Our crew has completed the shut-in process and pressurized the line north of the railroad tracks. Service technicians are currently going door-to-door to restore service and will need someone over the age of 18 to allow access inside the home to relight appliances. If you are not at home, information will be left at your door instructing you to call customer service. Customers should not attempt to relight their natural gas appliances. Please wait for a Montana-Dakota Utilities service tech to ensure everything is operating safely.

In the event you return home and find a technician has left a door tag, please call customer service at 1-800-638-3278 and press option #2 for assistance.

We expect the south side to be ready to pressurize shortly. Once that area is ready field personnel will begin the relight on that side of town as well.

Update 11:00 p.m
. - Complications created by weather and difficult access to some meters has delayed the shut-in process. A few remaining meters still need to be turned off before the system can be pressurized. Many service technicians have traveled to the area and are waiting on standby. They will begin to relight service as soon as the system is available.

5:30 p.m
. - Montana-Dakota crews have begun the shut-in process that requires all natural gas meters in the area to be turned off prior to pressurizing the system. Once the shut-in process is completed and the system has been inspected, crews will begin to go door-to-door to restore service and light natural gas appliances. This relight process will not start until later this evening and additional crews are being brought in from surrounding areas to work throughout the night. Please leave a porch or other exterior light on for the service technician. Someone aged 18 or older will need to be home to allow the technician access. If someone is not home, instructions will be left at the door with details on how to call to arrange to have service restored.

The relight process will take several hours and will extend into Wednesday. Crews will work until all customers have service restored. It is important that customers do not attempt to relight their own equipment. Please wait for a Montana-Dakota service technician to safely relight your natural gas equipment.

More information will be updated here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages as it becomes available.